Saturday, November 13, 2010

World of Beer Sarasota Turns 1

Firkin Around...Sarasota, Florida.

One of the newest beer establishments in Sarasota is now a statewide chain.  The last year has seen a marked growth from the four original Tampa Bay area locations.  There are now at 9 stores statewide with 4 more planned by 2011.  I wouldn't be surprised to see growth in other states as this Florida franchise gains further popularity.

Just Dave
Today's noon to 5:00 celebration included the rockin' tunes from "Just Dave", a local area musician.  He kept the crowd engaged with his folk guitar renditions of some tasty classic soft rock. The mood was set for chill times on a spectacular autumn day in South Florida.  Along with the music, laughter and chatter from the crowd abounded. Patrons were seated indoors at the long wooden bar, watching their favorite games on the numerous televisions.  Others were out under the canopied beer garden/patio adjoining the main bar, listening to the music and enjoying conversations.

Wafting through the air was the smell of some great BBQ from Hickory Hollow Barbecue.  They served up pulled pork sliders and Maryland crab cakes along with other side dishes. "The food is amazing gooood", according to eleven year old Lauren "Loopy" Lambert. Good times, were all around.

Selection and knowledgeable staff

Beer on tap today was served at half-off prices in honor of the celebration. With and incredible 40 taps and 500 total selections, World of Beer a standout in beer bars, anywhere. Their knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you decide.  Can't figure if you're a 'hophead' or if you like your beer more on the malty side?  The WOB waitstaff are trained and ready to help you through your excursion in beer.

Bartender/Corporate Trainer Carolyn Wallace said that WOB provided one month of beer training in defining the different styles of beer before she started on the wait staff.  Additional training of 2 weeks on cooler storage techniques and 2 weeks of computer training, rounded out the solid knowledge in handling and serving beer to customers.

 Reward yourself with a Loyalty Card
This dedication has turned a slick style corporate franchise into a friendly and knowledgeable neighborhood bar that keeps the locals coming back for more. On top of all this, World of Beer rewards regular customers with a loyalty plan.  Brogan Klepper explained how the loyalty card works. "By signing up for a Loyalty Card ($15 purchase) each time a customer purchases a different draft bottle or can, they earn a point." Point values are kept in their computer and there are rewards at 50 (t-shirt), 100 (t-shirt & mug), 250 (golf shirt and nameplate on plaque) and the ultimate of 500 points of a party in your honor. There are other weekly incentives for service industry, a ladies night promotion and a dollar off select bottles night.

World of Beer keeps the interest with all kinds of different promotions, but mostly, the vast selection of beer keeps them coming back for more.

Firkin 500 Beers!

World of Beer
8201 Tourist Center Drive
Bradenton, FL 34201

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