Friday, November 5, 2010

BBC 2010 - Time Zones and Beer

Firkin Around...Boulder, Colorado.

Upon arrival to Denver International Airport, it occurred to me to set my watch back two hours, adjusting from Eastern Time to Mountain Time.  It also occurred to me, tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time.  We will be setting our clocks back yet another hour - - - I can almost feel myself getting younger by the minute.

Backdrop: The snow capped Rocky Mountains as seen from DIA
The fact that it’s Daylight Savings Time isn’t lost on me, either.  Chance favors the prepared, so we bloggers will be making every advantage of the time change during our pub crawl, come Saturday night.

What’s that?  Last call, you say?  Whoop, not so fast bartender…we’ve got another hour to indulge in our craft suds.

Mr. Sandman can wait!

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