Saturday, November 6, 2010

BBC 2010 - The Night of Many Beers

Firkin Around...Boulder, Colorado.

More Beeeer! 
Me and Mr. Stoat

Romey, Boles and Wenchie
A bit of a beer pictorial, featuring the one and only Mr. Stoat of Brewdog fame. Only one of 25 bottles produced, ours was the only media Stoat available, free of the $700 to $800 price tag. It's now the latest in breweriana, Mr. Stoat from Brewdog and The End of History. A 55% ABV monster in a twelve ounce bottle.

The star of the evening.
There was much more to see that evening. Building up to The End of History release, beer bloggers gathered and reveled in each others company. Everyone brought beer representative of his or her locale. We even had some rare finds from the UK brought over by a chap from England. Strong beers, easy drinkers, hard to find, widely talked about all start to describe non-industry sub classifications of beer between fellow bloggers.

The party went on late into the evening...

Firkin Rare Beer Gathering!

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