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BBC11 - Pub Crawl (Portland, OR)

Firkin Around...Portland, Oregon.

August 18th Pub Crawl - Portland

Deschutes Brewery & Public House - 210 Northwest 11th Avenue
Strap-hanging on MAX Light Rail
First place I hit after dropping my luggage at the hotel was the Deschutes Brewery & Public House where I met up with the army of bloggers. They were already over two hours into the crawl by the time the hotel shuttle dropped me off. Tonight, Deschutes was featuring a block party, complete with local live bands, jamming in the alley between the buildings and playing to a well oiled throng. There, I picked up my VIP pass and got in on some sampling of the food and beer available. Using the wooden nickel system, I purchased a hefeweizen that was infused with lemonade, paired up with spicy grilled shrimp on a tangy coleslaw. After that, we all quickly jumped aboard the MAX light rail system to our next destination.

The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall - 1945 NW Quimby
The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall has been in existence in Portland for 16 years.  The Beer Hall at 1945 NW Quimby was refurbished about 5 years ago and was originally home to truck builder, Freightliner. The place is a rustic wooden and brick building that looks rugged enough to have built trucks, or make beer. Large overhead roll-up doors make for easy ingress/egress to the brew pub. The no nonsense wooden plank tables were meant to serve large groups of hungry and thirsty travelers. Along with an incredible selection of beer, there are some hardy staples such as pizza and sandwiches to feed the masses.

Large tables for easy times
I was happy to see that along with standard pints, you could also select from a 1/2 pint or a flight. It's good for us beer blogger reviewers, so that we may sample from all their wares. I started with "Dog Day", a 6% ABV India Pale ale and then moved on to a "Super Dog" at 6.5% and also an India Pale Ale. Both were good, but I preferred Super Dog.

The Chalboard of Beer
The brew master was introduced to our group. He proceeded to take a bunch of the bloggers along to show off the brewing area. I stayed behind and opted to lounge with other fellow bloggers. I was exhausted from an 11 hour day of travel through four airports and two time zine changes. I ordered a slice of pizza to sop up the beer.

New Old Lompoc - 1616 NW 23rd Avenue
The Old New Lompoc
The New Old Lompoc, was next on our parade. Walking up to the joint, it looked like any other old timey bar that you might pass by. Glad we don't judge a book by its cover, because the interior had some great charm. A rustic old bar front and tap room as you pass through the portals, greets you with a sense for the nostalgic.

Passing further through the back, through the kitchen, all the way back, a biergarten emerges with an indoor outdoor charm to rustic and quaint to be believed. Once again, the theme of long plank tables invite the traveler to sit and quench their thirst, and maybe work one up conversing with the crowd. It made the time and conversation great as we made our way back and forth to the bar for some of their home grown offerings.
Out in the Biergarten

There was so much beery goodness packed into that small establishment! As we passed between the main part of the bar and into the biergarten, there was a window into the brewing works for us to see. Such a small room that such big beer comes from. I suggest the Kick Axe Pale Ale.

Though the hour was late, this party was just getting started. We exited the Lompoc to a waiting school bus that whisked some of us back the hotel and others continued to party on into the night. What a great first night. I hit the sack with a smile and wondered what tomorrow will bring.

As I sit in the lobby of the Doubletree, I can already see the wheels in motion for today's first full day of conference. Beer is being whisked around on push carts as some of the bleary eyed bloggers stumble out of the lobby elevator and make a bee line to the coffee bar...these people are troopers. I only did half of what some of them accomplished last night. Here's to a new day.

Firkin Cool Pub Crawl !

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