Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SanTan Brewery & Pub

Firkin Around...Chandler, Arizona.

Glimpse of the outside brewery ops
A good tip from a fellow Twitter friend led me to SanTan Brewing while on vacation in Arizona. I was looking for some of the local fare and flair in microbrews. The fact that it was also a pub with food...BONUS! We pulled in for a lunchtime bite to eat and a beer or two. Crossing the street from the parking lot, I was able to look inside the brewery as a forklift was loading some of their kegged beer onto a truck, for the upcoming beer festival, Arizona Beer Week 2011. Darned the luck, we are leaving for home a week before the event begins.

What's going on...
Where the magic happens
Moving inside the entryway to the brewpub exposes a rough, but clean industrial interior that shows off wood and brick walls with exposed ceilings. The colorful chalkboard gives you the skinny on the daily offerings of  available beer. Looking half way into the room, a wall with large windows gives a glimpse into the brewer's area at the holding tanks of beer. You can gawk all you want and watch the brewing, in any of the various stages of processing.

What'll ya' have?
It's safe to say that the beer on tap covers the spectrum when it comes to choosing one of your liking. From light hefe's to pale ales, IPA's, amber, stout and even seasonal special ales are all available for dispensing from the bar's taps. In fact, it is a full service bar for those wishing a little something more than a beer. I happened to spy a bottle of my very favorite (and hard-to-find) Irish whiskey on the top shelf.

Superb flight on a crazy cool flight paddle
Tullamore dew - IMHO sign of a good bar

The ladies favorite from the sampler? The seasonal offering...Sex Panther! A barley wine featuring a caramel, chocolate and nutty flavor along with a high ABV. According to the description on their website, "It has bits of real panther in you know its good!"

Lunch is served
Stuffed mushrooms
Appetizers and lunch orders were placed right after the flight, by our server, Oscar. The stuffed mushrooms with a raspberry sauce were wonderful. My club sandwich was a whopper, completed with a side salad and a pickle wedge. My choice for a pint was the Hop Shock I.P.A. which complimented the sandwich, wonderfully. I had a great time enjoying the food and the brewery fresh beer. The wait staff and bartenders were very friendly and accommodating to us on our visit.  

The Chandler Club
It would be nice to return again during the evening to enjoy more of the SanTan beers as well as some of the live band entertainment they also have on hand. Or maybe, I could go back to get a tour of the brewing operations. Lunch, dinner or after hours, it's sure to be a great time.

Any time or any way that you choose to visit should provide to be fun affair. I know that the next time I'm in the area, it will be one of my destinations of choice.

A Firkin oasis in the desert! 

San Tan Brewing Company
8 South San Marcos Place
Chadler, AZ 85225

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