Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tilted Kilt - Denver

Firkin Around...Denver, Colorado.
What is a Tilted Kilt?  Think that other national sports bar chain with orange satin pants, but add a kilt instead...or is that subtract a little. The atmosphere has an American version of the UK\Irish\Scottish vibe.  Your entire waitstaff wears plaid kilts. The inside is reminiscent of what you've seen in travelogues and brochures of pubs from over there, but as we are Americans, everything is over the top in scale.

The place was packed this afternoon with GABF attendees. The beer selection is pretty much complete with English and Irish favorite beers and pretty much void of American craft beers.  I guess that's okay if you are jonesing a Euro brew.  After all, you can get an American craft beer in a million other places in this city, so it fills a niche.

As we entered the pub, a knight's suit of armor was in the entryway announcing that it was St Practice Day.  That's not a typo; every 17th of the month, (except in March), they hold a day of practice!  We hit the jackpot because it was exactly halfway to/from St. Patrick's Day.  Guinness and Jameson were the daily drink special offerings.  Our hotel had complimentary drink coupons and so we ordered some 'green beer' in honor of the day. I spied some Tullamore Dew behind the bar. In my estimation, any bar that carries the stuff is a good bar!

Food, beer, spirits and great service.

Our waitress Kristen, was helpful with the menu selections and daily drink specials. As crowded as it was, we didn't wait long for a drink or our food.  Our selections included a turkey with oven roasted veggies, Buffalo chicken fingers (medium, as recommended by Kristen), and a chicken wrap sandwich. All were enjoyable and the side orders of fries were hot and not greasy.  Just a note: the chicken fingers are normally served with cayenne pepper, but you can ask them to use mild, medium or hot Buffalo sauce.  I second the waitress' recommendation.  For dessert, we had some Guinness. Now that's a proper dessert!

Firkin Plaid!

The Tilted Kilt - Denver
1201 16th Street, Denver
Colorado 80202 
(303) 893-5458 ()

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