Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morton's Gourmet Market - Celebration of Brewing

Firkin Around...Sarasota, FL.

Morton's Gourmet Market is one of those "go-to" places for different, unusual, hard-to-get or just downright exotic eats.  A foodie's best friend, a purveyor of specialty soda pop all the way up to your favorite grape or grain beverage.  Basically, if you are "jones-ing" something good to eat or drink, chances are they can scratch your itch.

This fine Saturday evening was a three hour craft beer festival.  But wait.  It gets so much better.  The entry was a mere $15 far enough in advance.  Even at $25, at the door, a terrific bargain.  Morton's pulled out all the stops.  They had The Morton's chefs serving up wonderful grilled sandwich sliders and there were baskets of jalapeno bread scattered throughout.

The main portion of the event was outside, in the parking lot underneath a tent.  Over 40 beer vendors and distributors poured from many various craft beers into your real glass sampling vessel supplied courtesy of Budweiser.  The glass was a keeper.  Several vendors had tables set up in the cool, air conditioned bakery inside the store. The crowd was just right; no shoving or over-crowding. Just everyone learning, sampling, tasting and enjoying the great Florida sunshine, craft beer and gourmet cuisine.

This is another example of the fine food and beverage events they hold throughout the year.  Picture yourself at the next event...or if you can't wait, get down there now and pick something up to go!

Firkin Craft Beer and Gourmet Food!

Morton's Gourmet Market

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