Friday, July 2, 2010

First Time Home Brewing - Sampling (Part 3 of 4)

Firkin Around...The Kitchen.

Anxiously awaiting the opening of the first beer.  Not sure what to expect, other than success if all the instructions were followed.  And follow them I did.  The outcome of this batch will most likely make me want to continue or forget about home brewing.  Okay, I know this is pretty foolproof, but it is still nerve racking for the new brewer in me.

This beer has gone from two weeks in the fermenting tank, to two weeks of bottle conditioning and only twenty four hours of chilling (lagering).  It most likely needs a few more weeks conditioning at room temp and lagering in the fridge.


It is difficult to detect carbonation. Here goes nothing.....

Pop!  Hey, that's a great sound!  Now for the moment of truth. Will it taste like beer?

So, here's the question.  Is it beer yet?

While it was nicely carbonated and had a clear body, the taste was still a touch on the sweet side with an apple wine flavor.  I think that is what they referred to in the instruction book as "cider flavored".  We will call it a success for now, knowing that we cheated it a few extra weeks of conditioning.  In two more weeks, when it has reached the full 6 weeks recommended, we will crack open one of the liter PET bottles and try again.  With a bit more time and luck, we should nail this down as a nice lager.  Stay tuned.

Firkin Making The Beer!

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