Monday, February 22, 2010

Big "C" Liquors

Firkin Around...Orlando, Florida.

On a business trip and bored this evening, so we decided to look for a local craft beer retail outlet. A tip let us in on a best kept secret located in a large strip mall at 7600 University Drive... just down the road from the University of Central Florida. We went to take a look. Boasting 450 beers, you know it was a loooong look!

This store is fairly innocuous on the outside from first impressions. Just big red letters spelling "LIQUORS". Ah, but step inside and prepare for beer Nirvana. The front of the store is packed full of liquors. Down the right side, towards the back there are more spirits and wine. But down the left rear portion of the store, you will find one of the greatest selections of suds, both foreign and domestic.

Beer here, beer there, beer everywhere.
The fridges are stocked with mostly US craft beers, cause you know we American's likes our beer cold. Turn around and the opposite side of the aisle has shelves that are chock full of the cuh-razy-est selection of euro-imports you've ever seen. It is fair to say that Belgian ales dominate the pack. Down the middle there are a mix of bombers and specialty 12 ounce bottles. Dogfish Head 120 Minute was in great abundance as were Bell's Hopslam and a full onslaught of Shmaltz. Lots of hard to find stuff can be found here.

Looky here...I even spied two mini kegs of Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA! That's what I'm talkin' about! Everywhere you turn, there is something awesome to see. Prepare to max out your credit cards, cause you are going to want to load up the trunk. My purchases included four bottles of DeDolle's Stille Nacht, and a couple of 22 oz. bombers; Shmaltz Freaktoberfest and Left Hand 2009 'Oak Aged' Imperial Stout.

Firkin awesome!

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